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Posted on May 04, 2015 by claire ongley | 2 comments

Probably the biggest challenge for any online retail business, in my opinion, is reaching your customer. Getting the word out there can be an expensive, and sometimes futile endeavour. With most of the advertising I've done so far, I haven't really had a clear idea of how effective it has been, because it's often difficult to track where any new customers have come from. However, the last few days have seen an enormous increase in 'reach', and that is all due to a TV show about ... farming. As you may know, my husband is a pig farmer, and our farm was featured on the iconic TV show Country Calendar on May 2. To be featured on a show like this is such a massive opportunity for any business, and we were very excited to be a part of the series. As the wife of the pig farmer, there was a bit about me too, and so Izzy and Jean Co. received a few seconds of air time on prime time TV. For a small business like mine, this sort of exposure makes a huge impact. So, if you watched Country Calendar and then came to the Izzy and Jean Co. website, thank you, we appreciate your visit!

If you missed the show, you can view it on TVNZ Ondemand. Here is the link:


If you are interested in finding out more about Woody's Free Range Pig Farm, then here is the website:




Thanks from the three of us (Daniel, Claire and Fred)

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May 09, 2015

I just watched the show about you guys! You guys are doing a great job and loved how well your pigs were treated! Thought I’d check out your website, love the cork expresso cups :)

Aly Bennett
Aly Bennett

May 06, 2015

Hi Claire, I love Country Calendar and did indeed see that last episode and was quite excited to find that the supplier of my gorgeous lambswool “circus” rug that adorns our couch was from, well, you! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode in particular – it’s so deeply inspiring to see people who have decided on a complete and total change in lifestyle to do something they’re passionate about and when it treats the land and the animals so very well in the process, it’s even more inspiring. My husband and I work from home doing what we love – he’s a cabinetmaker and interior architect by trade and I have a creative business: www.nativecreative.co.nz. Anyway, I just received your email newsletter and thought I’d say hi and that we loved the show. Well done on the fab exposure for your wonderful business!

Aly Bennett

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