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Introducing....Izzy and Jean Co!

We are very excited to present Izzy and Jean Co to you. After months of hard work, careful planning, and scouring the planet to uncover really special bits and pieces, we bring you the finished product. 

Izzy and Jean Co is an online purveyor of fine home goods, accessories and accoutrements that have often been handmade, produced by small manufacturers, or by long-established family businesses.

From the luxurious to the essentials, we stock the things that are just a little bit more special that the rest.

One of our most exceptional finds is this vintage kilim rug. It is not only stunning, but a one of a kind creation. It was sourced from a small desert village in South Eastern Tunisia. It was made by the Berber tribe, and many of the strong coloured symbols are typical Berber symbols.


For the blokes, we have some very dapper neckties designed in New York by General Knot & Co. Each design is only produced in small quantities and each tie is accompanied by an exclusively numbered card designating their place in the collection.

General Knot uses vintage and deadstock fabrics sourced from collectors, dealers, estate sales and auctions. We are lucky enough to have secured a fine selection of General Knot & Co's exclusive range.

These men's ties are lovingly handmade in the USA. Take a look at my personal favourite, the deadstock twill plaid & mini buffalo check tie.

Best worn with an Old Fashioned cocktail in hand.


As well as looking one's best, one must strive to also smell one's best!

That's why we have gone all the way to Germany to source soaps of the highest quality. Klar Seifen is a family-run business that has been making soap for over 170 years, and is Germany's oldest soap manufacturer. While preserving traditional recipes and handcraft, Klars also values the importance of innovation, sustainability and minimising effects on the environment. They only use plant ingredients from renewable raw materials and controlled organic production. Not only that, but the soaps are luxurious, reasonably-priced and come in vintage-style packaging taken from old Klars advertisements. 



This is just a small selection of what can be found at our store. Go ahead and take a good look around at We are looking forward to seeing you.


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Because Izzy and Jean Co is so brand new, the website may not be 100% perfect, so please do let us know if you see something askew, or even if you just want to tell us how much you like the store. Our email address is




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