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I'm not a great fan of cling film. It just more plastic going into a landfill and I worry about nasty chemicals leaching into my food. I've tried biodegradable cling film, but it doesn't actually 'cling' to anything and you have to wrestle it off the roll which requires a level of patience that I just do not have. That's why I was pretty chuffed when I came across Abeego. Abeego is an all-natural, reusable, plastic-free alternative to cling wrap. It was invented by some clever Canadians, and as I'm sure you'll agree - everyone loves Canadians. They have brought us many an indispensable invention, including the zip, the electric lightbulb, the anti-gravity suit and Ryan Gosling. Where would we be without these things?

Abeego is made from pure beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin infused into a fabric made of hemp and certified organic cotton. Each ingredient was selected for its preservative qualities, so clever. Abeego allows your food to breathe, which slows down the rate of decomposition so you waste less. It's malleable so it adheres to any food container with the warmth of your hands. Amazingness!

I have been using mine for covering bowls of leftovers in the fridge, wrapping bits of avocados, cucumbers and lettuces, and for wrapping cheese, rather than keeping it in its plastic packet or putting it in a little plastic bag. I also keep my butter in it, which is a tidier option that having a mucky butter wrapper sitting in the fridge. I notice fewer bits of cling film, plastic bags and aluminium foil being chucked in the bin. Here's a shot of my Abeego Flats in action.


For those of you who take your lunch to work or eat a snack on the run, the Abeego Wraps and Snacks are just what you've been looking for! You can package up your sandwiches, nuts or crackers in a tidy compartment, keeping them nice and fresh for later in the day.





Remember, your Abeego covers are special and must be treated as such. Only wash them in cold water or with eco-friendly dish soap. They do not like high temperatures, and they definitely don't like the dishwasher or microwave. Treat them with kindness and they'll last you up to a year.



Abeego Flats $25 (pack of 3) 

Abeego Giant Flats $39 (pack of 2)

Abeego Snack  $18

Abeego Wrap  $25


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